Periodical upgrades are free for users of the current PayDox version 5.0 upgrade 9.

To implement current upgrade:
  • Download free version
  • Back up your current PayDox installation and database
  • Install the downloaded free version
  • Re-apply your original configuration (global.asa)
  • Restore your original PayDox database
  • Install your registration key file PayDoxRegistrationKey.pxk in the PayDox\RegistrationKey\ directory
  • Restart IIS
The registration key file PayDoxRegistrationKey.pxl contains information about your current database type (MS SQL or MS Access). Insertion of a valid registration key file turns the free version (or unregistered version) into a fully functional system.

 Using PayDox without a valid registration key file (transferred to your company by Paybot, LLC), or with other entity’s registration key file, is illegal. Please do not transfer your registration key file to other organizations or individuals.
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