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Adaptive Case Management
& Business Process Management
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Online Demo
PayDox got the Award from WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) 
for Excellence in Case Management in the nomination «Big projects»
To Whom Who Need The Result But Not The Process
PayDox Adaptive Case Management & Business Process Management system is designed to help companies to structure and optimize their business processes and corporate collaboration. The system provides Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Task Management and Business Process Management (BPM) tools.

Main features:

  • Task Management & Adaptive Case Management (ACM) - try it now on-line
  • Business Process Management (BPM) - try it now on-line
  • File Catalogue Management - try it now on-line
  • Records Management - try it now on-line
  • PayDox runs as a corporate web-site. Use PayDox for any structured rule-driven business process management as well as for any social or agile business process management and task management that requires collaboration, negotiation or document reconciliation.

    Main advantages:

  • Download. Run. Works. Installation in minutes
  • Free for 5 power users + unlimited public users
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Works as a corporate web-site in your intranet or via Internet
  • PayDox Adaptive Case Management (ACM) PayDox Business Process Management
    PayDox File Management PayDox Records Management
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    Adaptive Case Management (ACM) vs. BPM
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    PayDox Adaptive Case Management
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    PAYDOX AJAX-BPM Business Process Management System
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